Hey REI Community,

My name is James and I'm from Queens, New York. I'm currently in the midst of a career change. I worked in the education field for the last 5 years in NYC and am looking to make a switch towards outdoor education. 

I've got limited outdoor experiences as a recreational hobby, but I am looking to combine my knowledge and experiences as an inner city educator with my passion for nature and sustainability. 

Do you have any ideas of where I can begin looking/working with the goal of being a bridge to educate schools/communities? 

Any and all ideas are welcome as I continue to research! 




Thanks for reaching out!

This sounds like a fun and interesting career change, good for you! Often times one of the best places to start is with outdoor non-profits in your area. While they may not be hiring at the moment, they are almost always looking for good volunteers and that might be a way to make some connections. Another option is to reach out to you local REI store and ask for the Outreach Specialist or the manager who works on community outreach. They can talk to you about what their job looks like at REI as well as give you some leads on local outdoor non-profits in your area.

Hopefully this helps, best of luck!

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