Camp cooking will vary by the type of trip you might take. I have done car and truck camping for decades. My cooking tools tend to not be weight restricted.  A simple propane stove or one that pumps a liquid fuel... done it. If one can do a campfire... cast iron can be used... but with fire hazard weather in some areas that gets less likely.  My castiron cooking tends to be home camping stuff... Noticed Lodge came out with charcoal grill, got it from REI of course, a dividend toy... still puzzling the process of carrying a castiron charcoal grill... got a gym bag big enough to contain it. Just in case the soot does not get completely cleaned up on it... a few firings to see what might be the best pairing for it in my castiron cookware selections... not too likely to use my pizza size skillet with it, that is more for my cooking fireplace.

Want to guess what other cooking toys i can use from the back of my old '69 F250 pickup... a microwave that I can plug into a generator... I can use it off my tailgate, the generator has to be outside anyway.  It did not kick out the generator.  Same with single and double  hot plates... if I were going to be serving a soup line the generator would work fine. Soup is a good food... issue might be dishes for a soupline... another cooking toy that i am fond of, solar cookers... the GoSun ones i got via REI dividends... corn dogs in both, or baked whole eggs in the larger one are fairly fast... but Puget Sound is a bit cloudy too often to count on them.

Ever done chemical cooking? Slice peaches, that are dead ripe add raspberries and strawberries sliced other tender fruits and enough sugar to draw out the juices by the next morning.... a form of cooking with sugar... find a really good fresh fuit stand, like fresh from an orchard... a rare thing to find sometimes. But that marinadied mix of flavors build great memories.

Not totalily sure what my current preference might be in tools for truck camping... generator and hotplate maybe. But something important I remember from a miss adventure, A turn out, driving too late in the day... and having a package of chicken parts to cook soon... no flashlight that was easy to use. at one point checking the chicken I found i had cooked a yellow jacket too.  I would have been nice to remove it sooner... but it did underline lights can be useful in cooking.  

I do like camp cooking but I am more likely to play with it at home with my camp cooking tools.