Sunrises when you're alone. Sunsets when you're with someone you love.

  • Most definitely a sunset person.  I’ve always had night owl tendencies.  The sunsets in Arizona with the lingering twilight just anchored this 

Much the fan of rollicking sleep cycles that allow for either or. and or and and both. Kinda like waking to noon 'O'moon.

But, on a local San Diego level is this supposed to be a convo of aging infrastructure vs. excess Electricity mining?

Also, is that mount Shasta by train? And secluded cove of Santa barb  beach?

Is there an ounce of honesty in the world? And, is also a query of metaphoric, theosophic philosophy and classical inquiry?


I feel the pressure!

Sunrise for me is the beginning of a new day, new possibilities, an unexplored day where new memories is being created. On the other hand, sunset is a time for reflection, what experiences, good or bad, mother nature gifted me that day. Of those two choices, sunrise trough my open tent door while the stove simmer and the smell of coffee fills the tent, is my favorite moment. Or, like in the picture, wake up under the tarp with full view and a new day, my day! Also, wake up before the sun rises, set up the camera ready to capture the sunrise, then to get a bonus, a "Zen moment", when this morning bird for some reason landed and took off from my camera several times.

Visited by a morningbird.Visited by a morningbird.Tarp morning.Tarp morning.

  • A beautiful vicarious sharing from you, on today mother's day. 
  • (my birthday within the next two days, also, of which I'm logistically entrapped from escaping suburbian and urban environs, so excess appreciation from me to you).
  • I adore experiences like the one your birdie bestowed!

Thank you so much for the kind words!