I have been a fan & REI member but REI not evolving with time & changes freaks me out. REI appears to be outdoor friendly with gears all meant for that. In reality, wearing good gears won't protect the outdoor in fact, it pushes more people to go out there without realizing that unaware people ruins ecology.

If you look at REI parking lots any given days it packed with gas/diesel guzzler vehicles ready to go into the woods. Somehow many people don't realize the consequesnces of carbon emissions. I have requested/informed REI numerous time to have reserve parking spots for Electric Vehicle (EV) at their stores just to make people aware. Good example is Jax Outdoor Gear-they've EV chargers at their stores here in Colorado.

Hey, @tashi -- To your point on EV chargers, we actually have a pilot program right now in our Denver store on Platte Street where we have EV charging stations. This obviously doesn't cover all of our customers, but we do have charging stations at other stores as well. The Denver Post did a nice write up on the Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan and featured some of our charging stations. You can read more here: https://www.denverpost.com/2018/12/21/colorado-electric-vehicles-plan/

If you want to know more about how we look at the topic of sustainability more broadly, check out our stewardship report (https://www.rei.com/stewardship). There's a specific section that goes a level deeper on how we're stepping into issues like climate change and environmental impact (https://www.rei.com/stewardship/climate-change)