Do you know someone who is looking for advice on a topic? How about someone who is an expert at an activity? We make it easy to invite your friends to our Community!

You can invite a friend from any board in the community. To do this, choose a board that would interest your friend and navigate to the main landing page for that board. For example, to invite a friend who is interested in Backpacking:

  • From the main landing page of the community, click on the ‘Activities’ drop down menu.
  • Click ‘Backpacking’ to go to that board.
  • Once on that board click the ‘Board Options’ drop down menu.
  • Click ‘Invite a Friend’.
  • Enter your friend's email address in the text box.
  • Write a personal message in the text box.
  • Click ‘Send Invitation’.

You’ve now invited your friend to join the community! Once they join, be sure to encourage them to introduce themselves!

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