Hi @Alyda !

I'm in the Mid-Atlantic region, near the Chesapeake Bay.  I don't think we get quite the same amount of rain that you do in Seattle, but we get plenty, with high humidity, and lots of wetland areas.  My personal recommendation is waterproof shoes, with wool socks.  

No shoes are truly 100% waterproof in all conditions.  No matter how hard you try, your feet may still get wet, or at least damp.  Water, including dew on long grass, can run in around the ankle, and, if your shoe isn't breathable, sweat will develop and linger,  That being said, a good, well-fitted WP shoe, with wool socks, will keep your feet as warm, dry and comfortable as is possible.

Another recommendation, if it's particularly wet where and when you hike, would be to add a pair of gaiters.

Good luck!

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