Re GoreTex - It's the "original" waterproof-breathable material. There are quite a few imitations on the market now. In my experience they all work about as well, which is to say they're waterproof, and kinda sorta breathable depending upon conditions. I wouldn't get hung up on the GoreTex name... go with something you can afford.

A few thoughts:

Hoods don't usually work very well when you're moving. Better to go with a hat.

Go with something made for running, rather than something made for hiking. Keep it light and simple.

I'd probably stick to brand name stuff, just because the quality tends to be at least a little better. (I consider REI to be brand-name, by the way.)

I'm afraid I can't offer any specifics, because I've never found anything I've been real happy with. (See above re breathability.)

Happy shopping!