Hi @Dgodoll - I have been planning on doing Nordic Walking as well and did a lot of research last Summer (but then, more often than not, just ended up hitting the trails to hike instead). But here's what I ended up with (in no particular order):

  • Poles - The die-hard walkers all sweat by Leki but I think that's more of a preferred brand. The poles should be tall enough that when you're holding them, they form a 90° angle at your elbow. I use the same poles as I do for hiking - a $35 pair from Amazon that I love. And, since my poles are adjustable in height, I didn't have to worry about buying the wrong height. Adjustable poles have come a long way in the past 5 or 6 years in terms of their strength so for NW, all the arguments against using them are, IMHO, no longer valid.
  • Tips - what makes poles appropriate for NW are the tips. I paid about $12 for a set of push on NW tips and they go over the points of my trekking poles.
  • Technique - no class is really needed although a class would be good if for no other reason to meet other NW practitioners in your area. Otherwise, YouTube is your friend - lots of great (and many corny) videos on how to do it. But, if you've ever done cross country skiing, it's the exact same technique.

Have fun with it - it's a great workout.

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