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@Dog_Jogger Thanks for reaching out!

Yours is a situation where a running specific lumbar pack will likely work better for biking than a biking lumbar pack will work for running. The only concern would be if the pack has enough volume for your cycling needs. We encourage you to check out the UltrAspire Synaptic Hydration Waistpack - 18 oz, it has some external loops for attaching an extra layer, plus pockets for a phone, hat, or gloves. 

As an often-times mountain biker and occasional trail runner, I can attest to the enjoyment of getting a pack off your back and onto your hips. When I ride my bike, I use an REI Co-op Trail 5 waistpack that I really enjoy. I can get a water bottle, a can of bear spray (Alaska, you know?), a rain jacket, some bug spray (again, Alaska), snacks and a multi-tool for my bike with no trouble at all. I also have a fold up water bowl for the dog that I pack along sometimes. While it is a versatile pack that works great for light hikes as well, I would not recommend using it for running. Waistpacks for cycling tend to flop around and bang against you when you try to run.

Hopefully this helps, please let us know if you have any other questions!


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