Advice on replacing my chain

I've replaced the chain once so far on my Novara Buzz '16, but it was a bike mechanic who did it for me.  Now I need to replace my broken chain myself but you don't carry the original KMC Z99 chain.  The closest you have is the Shimano XT HG93.  The specs make me think that it will be okay, but since the product page for it on your site calls it a "narrow" chain, and another vendor says that it's "optimised for 9-speed Super Narrow HG drivetrains", I need your expert advice to tell me if the 6.57mm chain width will work on my stock Shimano derailers that held the 6.6mm pin-width KMC Z99 chain just fine. 

Specs for my original chain from  KMC Z99 for Shimano Sram 9 Speed Chain

  • StretchProof.
  • Speed: Shimano Sram 9 Speed.
  • Bull's-Eye Pin Riveting.
  • Pin Length: 6.6 mm.
  • Weight: 280 grams.
  • Length: 112 Link.