@Maoira Doesn't look like 36 is possible, but I am actually a little shocked it looks like there's some that go up to 34, even in 6-speed. There's an absolute monster of a shift gap from the 34T to the next lowest gear, but evidently they make them... Shimano's MF-TZ30 (6-speed) and MF-TZ500-7 (7-speed) are a couple, with what they're calling their "MegaRange technology" and I've found some from Dimension as well (also 14-34T both 6 and 7). So if you really want to go for it with new derailleur etc, it's looking more and more like you could in principle. I don't see any freewheels on REI's site, you'd have to research where else you could get them if you go that route. Going up to 34T, I do have to wonder though with a bigger derailleur how much ground clearance would be reduced, if it would get smacked around by rocks or curbs easier.

Another possible way could be switching out the front chainring for less teeth? Kind of a nuclear option since it would kill the higher gears too, but it's there...

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