I bike to work daily (not very far, admittedly) and am always on the look out for shoes that are comfortable to bike in and that I can continue to wear all day at work. For me, that means a rigid sole, usually closed toe, and no heel. What is your favorite work appropriate bike shoe?

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I love my Five Tens! They are super cute and transition well for casual work shoes! 

I often wear approach shoes on my bike when I am looking for a cycling shoe that I don't need to change once I get to work. Approach shoes are usually marketed towards rock climbers, but the rigid soles, highly adjustable laces, and durable uppers make them a great option for cycling without compromising comfort when walking around. Many brands make them in neutral colors or solid black, which can make them more agreeable for work than many of the bolder color schemes of cycling shoes. Happy Riding!

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