Hi @mariapavs first, I'll second @REI-AlyS in that the CTY's are great all-around bikes!

One question that might help you decide between the CTY 2.1 or CTY 1.1 is where do you intend to ride the most? The CTY 2.1 has a suspension fork which you can lock out when you're on smooth roads, or leave open to take out the bumps and vibrations of riding a rough bike path horse trail. The suspension fork is nice to have, but also comes at the price of adding weight (at least 3 pounds). 

If you plan to ride only nice, paved roads the CTY 1.1 is substantially lighter, but will be a rougher ride if you do decide to venture on rough bike paths or have a road with potholes. 

As for the basket, I'd recommend a rear rack/basket if you are talking about getting some heavier groceries, this will make the bike handle a little easier when you have it loaded up. Both bike frames have the ability to mount most rear bike racks, and then you can add a basket. Here's links to a couple examples: rear bike rack  and rear bike basket 

Lastly, and most important, the fit! Most women's specific bikes stop at medium, as after that size a unisex bike model will most likely fit better and be more comfortable. Based on your 33" inseam and height of 5'10" you'd most likely fit a large unisex CTY better. If you'd really like a step-through frame, you could also look at Electra bikes which are a bit more relaxed (similar to a beach cruiser) and have a one size frame. 

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions! 

Jim L. 

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