Hey @johnsenaldi riding indoors can be a lot of fun!

I can definitely speak to some of your questions and concerns. 

First off, while I’m not familiar with your specific bike, this trainer will work with many road and mountain bikes. If your rear tire is a quick release, you should be good to go. The instructions that come with the trainer will be pretty straight forward. 

Second, if you choose to get a training tire, unfortunately the one we currently carry is not compatible with your wheel. However, you can use your own tire. I don’t want to guesstimate how many miles you’ll get out of it but it really won’t wear down that quickly. The downside to using your own tire is that it will be much louder than necessary. You might look into getting a slicker tire that your wheel set can accommodate. 

Third, the sensor is strictly for speed and not for resistance. If speed isn’t important to you then it isn’t a priority. However, if you like to use an app normally to track speed, the sensor is designed to pair with many of them. 

Lastly, you can use your gears and change the resistance while riding. 

I think I hit most of your points and I hope this gets you going in the right direction!  Some of my colleagues may still weigh in with their thoughts on an optional tire for you!

One thing you didn’t mention was a mat and training block for the front tire...I would recommend both! Here is a link to the kit that Saris offers. 
Happy riding!!

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