Great bike! Ok, if it is the Presta valve and it doesn’t appear that your current pump can accommodate both types, here is a pump recommendation .

I use this pump myself and it is easy to use and has been reliable. One thing to note about Presta valves is that you have to loosen the valve at the very top for it to accept air. Looking at the top of the stem you will see it is a little pointy. Simply spin the top of the valve to loosen it...you’ll know the valve is open when you can tap down on the valve and some of the air will escape from your tube.  Once you are done filling the tire, just hand tighten the valve again. 

If you decide on the recommended pump, you will see that one side is wide for the Schrader valve (looks the same as what you fill a car tire with) and a smaller side for the Presta valve. Push the pump onto your stem and then pull the little lever on the head away from your valve. This will lock the pump onto the stem so air does not escape. 

I hope this is clear and helpful! 

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