A group of us are doing the Triple Bypass 120-mile bike ride in Colorado in July.  Any pieces of advice from anyone who has done it in the past?

Howdy @krm ! The Triple Bypass in on my "list." While I can't speak from experience with that particular ride, my first tip for long rides is always some type of chamois cream. https://www.rei.com/search?q=chamois+cream I've used a few different ones over the years and each person you talk to will have a different "favorite." I know we also have many employees in our stores in Colorado who have done the ride. Don't hesitate to drop into one of our stores or give us a call! I'll be following this conversation to see if others have great ideas I can incoporate into my long-distance rides. Have a great time!

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Thanks,  JasonO! Good point!  Yesterday,  I rode 128 miles in 95 degrees, 105 heat index, using Chamois Butt'r. Happy to say,  no sore spots or chafing. Plenty of sweating,  though!