@JEB Thank you for your patience!

I just spoke with our ABUS rep and got some clarification for your questions. The product we have listed as the Granit CityChain 1010 on REI.com is the same as the CityChain 1010 listed on the ABUS website. The CityChain 1010 does meet the 'Granit' qualifications of security standards for ABUS, they just don't list it in the name. It does look like we used the incorrect weights in the specs for the CityChain 1010. So the correct weights are:

CityChain 1010 2'8":  4lbs, 1.12 oz

CityChain 1010 3'6":  4.bs, 13.6 oz

For a difference of 12.34 oz between the two.

I'll get the correct info over to our copy team and we'll have that updated as soon as we can. I hope this helps, thank you!


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