Dirty Kanza 2016... it was HOT and shade trees out in rural Kansas are sparse. Somewhere between miles 100-150, I recall being in a group of 4 other riders baking out on the prairie when we happened upon 5 trees along a fence line spaced about 200 yards apart. Each one of us occupied the shade of a single tree to get some relief.

It just so happened that the tree I had chosen was bearing fruit... imagine a 20-30' tree completely covered in what looks like blackberries in all stages of ripening. I reached up and grabbed a handful of what looked like the most ripe and touched one of them to my tongue. Tasted like a blend of blueberry and blackberry. I scarfed down about two handfuls and they.were.amazing. Gave me a little sugar pep for the last 75 or so miles that year and that was a LONG day in the saddle.

I'd been fighting flats for hours between the first and second stopping towns and had nearly pulled the plug on the whole thing, but pedaled on... rolled in to the finish around 1am.

Correlation does not always imply causation.