Hi @Jjgbiker, Thanks for the great question! I don't know of any cycling gloves that are designed to help specifically with wrist conditions, but we often recommend grips like these: https://www.rei.com/product/884443/ergon-gp1-biokork-handlebar-grips to folks who are experiencing discomfort while riding. The extra bolster underneath the palm helps to support the hands and wrists in a more ergonomic way and evenly distribute pressure on the hand that can strain connective tissues.

For your wrist issues, I'd recommend speaking to a doctor or orthopedist who specializes in sports medicine and treating athletes and cyclists. They'll be able to direct you toward a solution that is tailor-fit to the specific issues causing you discomfort. With that information, your local REI Co-op can help you find the correct bike fit products to help!

I hope you find this information useful! Happy cycling!


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