Hello, In 2021 I purchased a REI coop adv 1.1 in xl. I will be going on a bike tour and wanted to have an extra derailleur hanger with me. Can you give me a manufacturer and part # and location I can purchase this item?



Thanks for reaching out!

We work with Wheels MFG to source after market derailleur hangers for Co-op Cycles bikes. From what we can see, it looks like you need the Dropout-268 derailleur hanger for your bike. As with all after market parts, we encourage you to look at the derailleur hanger on your bike and compare it to the photo on the webpage linked above to make sure it is a match. Additionally, you can always take your bike to your local REI store to speak with a bike technician about the part you need.

Where are you going on a bike tour?

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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