Hi, i recently purchased this bicycle: https://www.rei.com/product/121596/co-op-cycles-cty-11-bike

and i'm looking for a more comfortable seat. Any recommendations on seats that would fit this bike?



Thanks for reaching out!

The good news is that most of the bike seats available on REI.com will fit on your bike. The bike seat that works best for you is going to depend on a lot of factors, including, but not limited to, how long you ride, whether you wear cycling shorts (with a chamois), and your sit bone size (width). We recommend reading this Expert Advice article, How to Choose a Bike Seat, which contains a lot of really good information on the topic. 

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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Wear cycling shorts (with a chamois).

Bike short intervals and slowly go up in miles. Most often, the larger softer bike seats cause more issues that the stock seat. The chamois bike shorts provide padding and reduce friction which the larger bike seats ignore. Try shorts and incremental interval before changing seat. Also make sure the bike/seat height is setup properly, REI can help you with this.

Happy Biking:)

I purchased a used bicycle and the seat that came with it was awful!  As @roadtrip said previously, "Most often, the larger softer bike seats cause more issues . . . " <-- very true!

I got this saddle (link & image below) from REI and it's a fantastic upgrade - it was inexpensive and was very easy to install.  I can put 20 to 30 miles on my bike (my average ride distance) and have zero pain.  However - if your bottom is not conditioned to bicycle riding, and you go out for several miles, then you're probably going to experience discomfort regardless of the quality and correct fit of the bicycle.  

Tips that might help:  move forward/backward a little bit while riding - stand up occasionally - take a break and get off the bike for a while.  It's my guess, from zero riding to "reasonably conditioned bottom" will take at least a couple or three weeks of riding with frequency.  If you are riding on a regular basis, you have a decent saddle, and your bike is setup (fitted) properly, then after a while, your bottom discomfort will no longer be an issue.


saddle, 01.jpg

Bicycle saddles are a personal product, and can be a common discussion after a long day in the saddle.  I have tried many different brands, models and have changed my opinions of saddles over time. I have had several bike fits to cure habits I seem to adapt quickly that are difficult to remove from my riding style as quickly. 

Soft over stuffed padded saddles favored by new riders become uncomfortable quickly if they are used much.  For me, it has been trial and error to discover what I like on a classic bicycle or my newest carbon fiber frame. 

If you ride with a group, I am certain there are many saddles on seldom used bicycles in garages, workshop you can try if you ask members of the group. A hour ride is not going to find a saddle but 8  rides in a 2 week time with a minimum of a hour in  the saddle will find you a good fitting saddle, among a dozen riding friends.  You will be surprised by the number of different saddle brand you can try from an experienced group of riders.  

I road for many years on a cheap ebay Vader saddle, that fit my bum well and I used that saddle for a number of years, and that included the 200+ mile STP Classic event.  After recovering enough from an  automobile crash to ride again the cheap ebay saddle was uncomfortable  and I had a difficult time finding & adapting to a road bike saddle again. 

My body had changed during recovery from the injury, I was stiff and not very limber. It took some experimenting with the numerous saddles I had acquired over the years, but eventually I found a saddle I could ride with, and then six months later I changed to a different saddle.  

I am still experimenting with saddle changes, as I have aged and my body has changed.  I will again find another saddle I like for the different bicycle I ride the most. 

My suggestion is to wear a bib/shorts/pants with a chamois (pad that is sewn into your chosen garment) to find a saddle that works for your bicycle.  Please remember It could be a different saddle for each bicycle you own & ride...