We're now well into life with COVID, everyone is adjusted to this pandemic except bicycle manufacturing.  What is so hard about stepping up production?  The question is rhetorical, just do it already!


My earliest memories are of WWII and the chronic shortages and rationing that prevailed then. Since that time, we have enjoyed abundance of all kind of goods - autos, bikes, hamburgers - you name it and it was available.

Now things are just a it different.  I am sure we will prevail, just as we did in WWII.  By the way, I have a perfectly good Surly LHT  touring frame which needs a good home.  It gave me great service,  but I am not riding anymore....Any takers?

Anything to combat the shortage in bikes....

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Hi @qwerty,

The pandemic has caused a particularly long lasting impact on the bike industry. One of the contributing reasons to the short supply is due to a positive change--more people are buying bikes because more people want to ride bikes! Personally, I've been having a great time introducing new riders to cycling at my store, even while having to have difficult conversations around limited availability of product. 

The bike industry's inability to scale to demand right now are for varied and complex reasons. Here's a couple of great articles that shed some insight into the bike shortage:

Why It's So Hard to Get a New Bike Right Now-Quartz

Shimano is Too Scared of Going Too Fast-Reuters

It's Turmoil: Why the Global Bike Shortage Won't End Soon--Globe and Mail Canada

For REI, we are starting to see some bikes trickle in; for example, the CTY 1.1 is currently available after a long period of unavailability. 

Hopefully next year things will normalize, but until then, our bike shops are happy to answer questions you might have about your next bike purchase, or about current bike repairs. 

Happy riding!


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