I purchased an ebike to ride and enjoy after reading many different reviews and prices.  I ended up getting a Stealth Urban Electric Bike KBO Hurricane, for the bicycle size, price and its looks.  The stealth look having the battery inside the down-tube limits the range of the bicycle, and the very quiet belt drive also makes it a single speed bicycle.   

I looked at the very closely at the Hurricane, and Ride1UP Roadster V2.  I liked the fit and finish if the Ride1UP Roadster V2, really liked the colour choices offered.  But after watching a review of a 220 pound rider from San Diego I ultimately decided upon the KBO Hurricane.  $1,049 would clean out my reserves, so I used $600 from the credit card and the remainder from savings.  

52 pound Bicycle box arrived.  It took about 20 minutes to unpack bicycle from the proper packing, and assemble.  Then I charged the battery, took about an hour to top up the charge, and I was ready for a test ride.  Opened the door and walked out into a blast furnace, it was already 116°F (46.67°C). May 26th @ 5:40 am I carried bicycle down the narrow stairs and started off not using any power. I road the bicycle on level flat nice clean pavement west to the University for 6 miles.  Was an easy 12 mph ride, quiet with the belt drive. 

After exiting the North end of the University onto a wide Bus & Bicycle lane I turned the power on to the top power level 3, was at 23 mph almost instantly, I coasted to the stoplight.  I was surprised at the amount of power supplied by the eBike, overwhelmed to be truthful. I moved the power level downward to level 1, as I let the stop light cycle once.  

The assist was perfect and I cruised along at 14 mph in level 1 while spinning the pedals not really applying any effort on the almost level pavement.  32 miles later I was grinning ear to ear as I arrived home, to carry the bicycle back up the stairs.  

All of my road bicycles weigh 17-20 pounds, and the KBO Hurricane was 37.7 pounds on my scale, trust me it was a struggle to carry the bicycle up the narrow stairs.  The flat mountain bike style handlebar gave me no place to move my hands about on this 38 mile ride. Later that night my shoulders, neck and arms were screaming all night long. Ibuprofen to the rescue and I was able to move about.  I have one single speed bicycle, weight about 14 pounds, and a set of very narrow handlebars (messenger style) my arms & shoulders never ache like they did that day.  I also have an original mongoose, hybrid that weighs almost 40 pound that I seldom ride, to much effort to carry up the narrow stairs. 

OK, I decided I must change the handlebars, and find a way to remove some weight from the bicycle. I like riding bicycles with drop bars, and I had several carbon bits in the bicycle room. Called my cycling friend, do you have a 700c carbon disc brake fork, and an integrated carbon drop bar handlebar set?  He had both, I looked about and found something he wanted to accomplish the trade.

Now a lighter front wheel, much lighter gatorskin tire and a 250 gram seat post, but oops, I discovered the KBO had motor cut off switch (trip wire) for the brakes, and after searching I could not find drop bar brake levers with that included a Trip wire function.  All the expensive ebikes $5,000 and up priced electric bicycles seem to have them, but they are not in the market place for consumers.  Called an computer/electrician friend, explained the problem, watched several Grin Technologies youtube videos on Trip Wire brake levers. These were hybrid/mountain bike style brakes, but some knowledge was gained about a magnetic switch for the solution.  

I ordered Tektro RL341 Ergo Brake Levers, and my friend soldered up a Tripwire switch that solved the problem.  Have removed 4 pounds from bike weight, and ridden the bicycle hit and miss in the excessive summer warmth But am looking forward to enjoying this ebike more as the weather begins to cool down next month.  Allowing for consistent morning ride temperatures...

I really like the stealth look of my bicycle, the ride is wonderful with a gentle push. I am convinced watching many commuters with throttle style eBikes stop peddling during their ride to work. Maybe they spin the peddles on their way home, but there are few of them peddling their eBike, making me wonder whey they did not purchase a electric scooter, or electric motorcycle.  Maybe its a cost situation adding pedals and its cheaper?

Do you ride an ebike, stealth or one with the big battery on a rack or mounted on bottle holder bolts?  

What was your first experience with an ebike?

I would have like to purchase a 24 pound Ribble ebike, but not enough bitcoin available in my pocketbook...



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