Any INPUT wanted.  I don't know if the title to a chat can be edited, as this be my first chat. I create the chat, due to the controversy created from the mfr.  I am low-key in which I am not one to set on Y-T. 
Garmin has changed in which those coming online-chat are not answering to my topic that I bring.  As I explain further, if I get that far in attempt, there is no success. 
On a later attempt, it was a selection to 'phone.'  As the Garmin online rep I was online chatting with coinc had such timing --- in that he cut off me,  once I began click to "online chat."
These are just a few.
BUT very interesting is the more I persist to tackle my issue of trouble with their customer service: as I keep searching for access to RE-START a new online chat.  The internet searching so to FIND THE CORRECT, NEW page take longer time. Hence less accessible customer service, to the(ir) customers.  Hence MORE CONCEALED.