This is a great conversation and I just wanted to say I appreciate all the perspectives! I also wish I had all your wisdom before I taught my kiddos to ride. I'm very intrigued with the idea of training wheels vs no training wheels. My daughter definitely used them to figure out the pedaling and then took off without them no problem. For my son, they were definitely a 'crutch' that he came to rely on and it was a struggle to get him to give them up. Ultimately, we chose not to fight against his will and one day he walked into the garage and announced that he was ready to have them taken off. Of course, after he rode off without them and did great he told us he wanted them put back on and that's when we drew the line!

All in all, I think the critical part is patience with your kiddo and letting them come to the bike. There were moments we had to change plans and adapt what we were doing because my son wasn't having it with his bike that day. I honestly think that because our goal was for him to have fun at all times on his bike, he is now a little ripper and really enjoys his time on two wheels now.

Thank you for sharing your stories, I'm looking forward to hearing more!

How it started.How it started.

How it went.How it went.How it went again.How it went again.

How it's going!How it's going!

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