Good afternoon or evening,

I am excited to communicate and get feedback from a greater audience size about the club we are starting in a small town outside of Portland, Oregon.  We recently invited 12 youth, all middle school age, to participate in a mountain bike club.  Many of these students are interested in the downhill and jump sides of mountain biking.  Though I dabble in these areas, I am trying to pull in more youth.  The main focus is youth that are not as economically advantaged.  I want to show them the wonders of biking in the wilderness and the power that a bike can offer someone in general as well as for those that will not have cars of their own to drive.  There are so many reasons I want to bring biking to the community.  We are a community that struggles with drugs, poverty and general low health.  I have seen biking in other areas within the youth communities and hope to offer this as an alternative to these different struggles.

Right now we are smaller than small.  But I hope you all can help me see and think of ways to build this club from your own experience in clubs/groups to some of you having started something similar in your own area.  My main hurdles right now are the amount of bikes and gear as well as transportation to actual trails.  I am a teacher in this community, so I have access to youth and their families, but these other areas are what keep this from being an inclusive club at the moment.  I want to give all access to this sport and give them opportunities that take them out of this town and experience the bigger picture of what life can offer.

Thank you so much for those who take the time to respond and comment.  I appreciate any insight that will help me move this vision forward to a reality for the most youth possible.



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