Question:  When riding as a couple, why is the man always in the lead?

I hike multiple times a week on trails that also have a lot of mountain bikers.  I don’t remember ever seeing a couple with the woman in the lead.  Even when there are two couples, both men are in front nearly always.

When hiking with my wife, I always let her lead.  I learned long ago that I’m faster and she gets tired and frustrated trying to keep up. So she sets the pace.  If I want to go faster, longer, higher, or more challenging I go by myself or a friend.  Hiking together is just that - together.

So I notice with the mountain bikers the man is in the lead, sometimes by several minutes.  I have a few guesses about it, but thought I’d throw it out to the community.

What are your thoughts?  Has anyone else noticed this or noticed more balance?  

As an aside, today, Mother’s Day, we met a group of obviously experienced bikers.  First, the 5 yo, then 7, 10, 12 and last the father.  The mother was probably enjoying peace and quiet!  What a great gift!😃

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