I've heard people say they like to sing in the shower.

For some reason, I, a normally reticent individual, like to burst into song while I'm riding my bike. One of my favorites is "If I Only Had A Brain," the classic song from The Wizard of OZ. I like to belt out an impersonation of jazz singer Abby Lincoln for this one. (My wife tells me I do it well.)

I especially like to sing to livestock like cows and horses, who often look up as I pass. 

I get to feeling so good that I don't stop when I pass people walking, or out in their yards.

This past fall, during the anxiety-ridden election, I began singing Christmas carols. It seemed to lighten the mood as I passed the increasingly hostile political yard signage. (Sometimes I sing Christmas music in the summer, just because it makes me laugh.)

Does anyone else do this?

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