Overkill! The multi-tool referenced (and most multi-tools) have a ridiculous number of tools you will NEVER use on the road or trail. Why on earth would you need 2, 2.5, and 3mm allen wrenches? And an 8 mm flare nut wrench? Really!?!  Are you going to use that to open up your hydraulic brake bleed valve, and then...WHAT? Bleed your brakes on the road? Just absurd.

Another black mark for multi-tools: you have to finagle the entire set into place just to loosen or tighten one bolt. Good luck if the screw or bolt that needs attention is not easily accessible!

I have been a professional shop mechanic for over 20 years, and ride regularly on remote, rugged trails.  Here is what I carry:

1. Park or Bondhus metric allen wrench set, 3-8mm.  Easy to remove and use each indiviual wrench, which are long enough to actually do the job.  If you want to save even more  wieght /space, just take the 4,5,and 6, and band them together.  These will suffice for 90% of the fasteners on your bike.

2.  Park compact chain tool.  Small, light, efficient.

3. Small (#1) Phillips screwdriver, to adjust limit screws.

4. At least 2 Park tire levers (the blue ones).

5.  A real spoke wrench, one size Park tool.

That's it for tools, but of course I carry a mini-pump, because they never run out of C02.  I carry a few spare parts, including:

1.  Master chain link (SRAM or KMC) of the appropriate size.

2. Patch kit (I know most riders carry a spare tube, and I sometimes do, but they are bulky, heavy, and...what if there is a recurring cause for your flat?)

3. Derailleur hanger  (if I need this, I've  either crashed really hard or done something stupid---maybe both--- but it beats going 10 miles without a rear derailleur)

4.  Duct tape and zip ties....'nuff said.