The Diamondback Trac Comp I purchased in December 2016, just had the seat post fail while I was riding on a trainer.  The part sheared off and could no longer hold seat.  

I know it is beyond the year warranty but this is a dangerous flaw.  I broke my wrist falling backwards but it could have been worse if it had happened on a hill or a street.

Broken Diamondback Seat PostBroken Diamondback Seat PostHas this happen to anyone else?  With other bike makers?

Diamondback said sorry but this can't bode well for the reliability of their products, as they didn't seem interested in more details to insure it doesn't happen to someone else.

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For a while I was purchasing garage sale bicycles & cleaning, lubing or refurbishing to flip, came across a a few single bolt seat post failures. They were all on Walmart grade fake mountain bikes with the annoying knobby tire that should never be used on pathway with a downhill trail.  Have never seen any since but am no longer attempting to flip bicycles as garage sale prices have skyrocketed leaving only a few dollars in each bicycle when they are cleaned up and work as designed.