All right lets talk bags!  Due to the explosion of bike packing there is now shortage of bag options out there, which excites a gear/ bag nerd like me! 

There are two major brands that REI sells

  1. Revelate Bags.  Great option, tend to be easy to mount and remove, and are made in America which is a nice plus.  The make small options for your cockpit, big saddle bags, dry roll bags for your handle bars, and frame bags.  REVELATE
  2. SALSA Bags.  If you have a Salsa their frame bags will fit like a glove!  Honestly I have not used any of the Salsa bags outside of my frame pack for my Fargo, but all the bags I have seen have looked pretty durable. Salsa Bags

There is also not shortage of cottage brands out there that will make custom bags as well.  Some personal favorites of mine are Roadrunner bags, Rockgeist,  and Tunitas carry all. 

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