Does it need to be clipless shoes? Because for flat pedals I've honestly just been using my general winter boots and felt alright so far (for MTB/fat biking, I'm not a road rider). I've heard some people swear by putting a plastic grocery bag over their sock before going into the shoes, but I've not found a need myself to try it. Plus it sounds like it would just accumulate the foot sweat and make tons of crinkling noise the whole time. I've also heard it suggested that if you normally use aluminum pedals to switch to composites for the season as the metal can just be a heat sink for your foot (same thing for handlebars and hands, carbon bars won't suck as much heat as alu).

If you do really want clipless I'm not sure you'll get around the expensive part easily. Not sure what you had before but the 45NRTH boots are supposed to be highly rated.

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