I have a Yepp Nexxt Maxi (rack-mount version) on order.  And I'm trying to find a rack that will work with it.  One of the REI bike dept folks said that the Topeak Explorer won't work -- that it's specifically not rated for child seats.  They suggested a Surly or Axiom -- but wow, those get expensive quickly.

Would the Topeak BabySeat II rack work?  Is there a definitive list of racks that will work?



Hey @editcandy Great question regarding the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi! We've reached out to Thule to verify which rack models will be compatible with your Yepp child carrier. As soon as we hear back from Thule we'll reply again!

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Did y’all find an answer for this? I’m very curious!


@Priorities Thanks for the question!

Please look below to see the response that @REI-JohnnyB got from Thule. Thanks!

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Hey @editcandy,

Thule does not have a definitive list, but they recommend using any rear bike rack which conforms to an ISO 11243 certification and can hold a min of 25kg (approx. 55lbs). The Topeak Babyseat II rack does meet that certification and can hold up to 60lbs. Unfortunately, REI does not have any of the Babyseat II in stock, but you could reach out to Topeak.com and order through them! Thanks again for your question and have fun out there with your child carrier!

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Thanks so much for looking into it and getting some answers.

Now all I have to do is cross my fingers that the Yepp backorder goes through!


I had the same issue you had. I got the THule Yepp Nexxt Maxi in the luggage rack version. I went for this as it does not need any extras to fit onto a luggage rack unlike its predecessor Yepp Maxi (luggage rack version). The email I got from Thule said as long as the rack conforms to ISO 11243 and can bear a min of 25kg and has some specific measurements it should work. It is all listed in the instruction manual of the rack mount version of the Yepp Nexxt Maxi. I got a Topeak Uni Super Tourist DX Disc version. as it had the ISO weight and dimensions. But it was only after I bought it that I saw in the Topeak manual that they specifically say not to use it for baby seats and that one should go for the 'Topeak BabySeat II rack' (currently 3 versions 29er DISC, 26, 27.5 650B 700c DISC and NON DISC). This is the only rack they say will work with a baby seat. I did find it strange that Thule themselves did not have a rack or rack suggestion when I asked. As this is an eventual dilemma for anyone buying the rack version. Thule has ONE luggage rack but it seems to be only compatible with 26 inch non disc bikes! The Topeak luggage carrier I bought finally was the DISC version for 26, 27.5, 650B and 700C. I got this as according to Topeak you can use it on non disc bikes also and I have a 29inch bike with discs which is the same as 700C as the diameter size is the same. I also have a 26inch non disc so fingers crossed it works for all. I know this reply is far too late but I posted here so that at least in future someone else can be helped by this info as I have spent so many hours at the computer emailing people at Thule and Topeak to figure out what to do.


Anyone reading my previous post pls don't buy the Topeak BabySeat II rack or disc version to use with the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi luggage rack version. Though the Topeak rack checks all the requirements as given by Thule in the manual of the Yepp Nexxt Maxi luggage rack version it falls short at the thickness or diameter of the rods of the luggage carrier. So I thought all was lost but finally found another luggage rack done by a company called Blackburn the model is called the EX-1 Disc Rear Rack the rack has a disc and non-disc version and Blackburn specifically says it's designed to also be able to handle a baby seat. Both racks are compatible with 26" all the way up to 700C and 29". I have emailed the company and a couple of their dealers to find out the thickness/diameter of the rack as that is the one thing I am still not sure of. I did find two websites that said the tubes of the rack were 12mm I hope this is true as Thule requires a thickness/diameter between 11-16mm. Hope this info helps someone out there. 


Hi @pierrerreip - Thank you so much for this in-depth response! This sort of answer is amazing for people coming into the community with questions. We’re glad you have found a solution that works for you and hopefully you hear back from those companies about tube size soon. Thanks again for bringing this to the community!

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Wow you are so lucky that you found me!! I spent about two weeks emailing and calling ppl to get this info. If I remember right Axiom specifically say no to child seats on their racks and have only 10mm tubing and you need 11mm. Surly also did not have any racks that met all the criteria given by Thule listed below...Thule emailed me and also the following info is in their Yepp Nexxt Maxi manual.

  1. The rack has to have 25kg or more load capability
  2. Horizontal tube diameter needs to be between 11mm – 16mm (99% of racks are 10mm)
  3. The top width where horizontal tubes of the rack are needs to be between 110-170mm
  4. The rack needs to be EN 14872 (ISO 11243) compliant (some websites only give the EN # while others give only the ISO # they are both the same thing depending on whether you're in Europe or the Americas)

The only 3 options that met all the criteria I found were from Decathlon UK (black only) (BCLIP 500 Disc Ready Rear Pannier Rack - 26" 28" ELOPS - Decathlon) and Steco (in silver & black) (Power safety Carrier – Steco) in the Netherlands. And Thule also has a rack each for 26" and 28" (silver and black) (Thule Yepp Rear Rack | Thule | USA) they also specify torque in their manual

Decathlon's is compatible with 26-28" DISC bikes. But get the manual and see if you have the necessary connections on your bike to use it?

Steco's is only for non DISC and they say only for 28". Another reason I avoided Steco is that they did not have the torque settings specified in the manual while Decathlon's did.

USA Has Topeak BabySeat II but that only works with some baby seats and while it has almost all of Thule's Yepp Nexxt Maxi requirements the diameter is only 10mm. There is also USA's Blackburn EX-1 DISC and NON DISC rack both are for 26"-29" but both are only 10mm diameter. So they don't work with this particular seat.

I have friends and family all over the world. I live in Sri Lanka bought the Decathlon online last week shipped it to one of my family members who shipped it from UK to me. and right now it's expected in Sri Lanka by about the 18th of December.

Oh yes and I will save you the trouble... the legendary Swiss brand Tubus specifically say in all their rack manuals not meant for child seats.

Ortlieb the German brand has one rack and that also says no to child seats.

Decathlon has no international shipping. But I only checked with Decathlon UK. I found the same rack on a few Decathlons like Hong Kong and a few others though can't remember which?

This rack is for use with 2 of my 4 tandem bicycles. I started a charity in 2016 called TandemVision.org in memory of the 3yr old son my wife and I lost to the mosquito disease called dengue. Through the charity we use the tandems with the help of volunteer pilots to give vision impaired children and adults free bicycle rides. The son we lost loved riding the bike but was too little to ride one at the time so I use to take him for bicycle rides strapped to my chest in a Stokke baby carrier. It was a fitting tribute to our son's memory to give the joy of a bicycle ride to another that was unable to do so which is kind of how TandemVision was born but if you want to know the whole story pls visit the TandemVison.Org site it was originally about getting my wife who cannot cycle out of the house to help with her grief.

We had another son in 2017 and he is very very precious to us. And this is the main reason I threw the Steco rack out the window. In my opinion, if something as precious as a child is going on the rack and the manufacturer has not specified torque values in my opinion that rack is out the window.


I sincerely hope all this info helps you in your quest. Remember check that all the criteria (4 points above) are matched before you buy a rack. Check the manual of the rack to see if it has the necessary connections for your specific kind of frame. Also check the size of the rack and whether it can or cannot accommodate discs. Also, see if the manufacturer specifies torque settings which will indicate how much effort the manufacturer has put into making the rack child seat compliant.