@jloparco  Nothing will replace taking an in person class and gaining the first-hand experience as other have said, and a few resources given already for further reading. But I want to add my personal favorite, and a budget friendly option at the low price of free, is spend a lot of time watching the entire archive of Park Tool's YouTube. High quality visuals to go along with Calvin Jone's soothing voice. I took some classes as my kick in the pants to get started, but it's been Park Tool really accelerating my learning to the point where I've confidently stripped my bike to it's bare frame for total overhaul. If nothing else, the more options the better, as everyone learns differently, and maybe one tutorial will click better with your brain than another.

It's pretty obviously part of their marketing to get you to use their brand of tools, but for the wealth of knowledge I've gotten I'll happily oblige them. And many of the tools are sold at REI too so don't forget to get that dividend!

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