Good evening:

My son, and I go trail bike riding every weekend, on any path that he can and is willing to take on, and after all that riding he practices his BMX skills at the BMX courses. He is prodigy in my books, I have never rode like him at his age, of 6. And his bike is from cool colors he wanted from walmart, so he does not have lighter weight or easier to control/access kind of bike. 

I am writing to ask if you, REI, have connections to any company, organizations or person(s) that provide used top performance trail bikes as a giveaway or discounted pricing?

I am not one to hold out my hands and ask for anything, just one that seeks information to provide a better equipment for my son, so he may excel even more and better his performance on the course  or trails. 

Thank You, I kindly appreciate any information you should throw my way. 

T. White