I finally got out on the DRT 4.1 today! It was awesome. It's such a smooth ride. Furthermore, I was able to easily float over a grassy field with little effort. It really is a different ride.

I still wonder if the frame is just a tad small, but I've also been riding mainly road bikes for the past several years. With the longer road bike top tubes, and the hunched over position, I think some of it is just getting used to the more upright position of the mountain bike again.

Thankfully, my Thule hitch rack worked great for transport. My roof rack trays wouldn't have worked because of the tire size. And given the front wheel isn't quick release, it would have been kind of a pain to use a fork mount anyway.

There seems to be just a little side-to-side play in the back wheel when at top speed, but that should be a quick alignment fix. All in all, it was an awesome ride, and I'm looking forward to more time in the saddle this long weekend.

Orange Co-op fat tire bike on Thule rack on back of tan Ford Ranger

Orange Co-op fat tire mountain bike leaning on a fence in the woods

Orange Co-op fat tire bike leaning on picnic table showing large front tire