I'm in the Toledo, OH area. There are some trails out this way, and our largest metropark which connects to a long biking trail isn't too far of a drive for me. This park also just recently put in 17 miles of bike paths (but this is all on dirt) which I'd like to check out. So it's possible to ride up to really long distances - my dad used to regularly ride 27 miles around the same area using the prominent bike trail here.

Granted, I can do short rides around my neighborhood, but anything over 5 miles, I like to get out to a park/trail and ride there. It'd be great if I could find a "halfway" spot, and I'm sure there's options around here. Part of the fun for me lately has been looking up what trails are where and getting ideas on what routes I can take, and how many miles it'll be.

I certainly have considered the "new toy" aspect of a new bike 😉 and it's tempting. It looks like there are a ton of options out there too, and I've started looking at what make the most sense for me (mtb, touring, trail/backpacking bikes), it's easy to get overwhelmed!