It’s this beauty of a Salsa Beargrease!A0DDD2C9-3AE5-4394-A941-427F316F62D3.jpeg

I’ve got plans to accessorize it with oil slick parts (pedals and bottle cage otw already) so that the white+rainbow is reminiscent of fresh snow in the sun. Because we all know that a stylish bike is a faster bike... 😉

While this is my first fat, I have ridden my other bikes in winter for a short 3 mile commute and reached much the same solutions. Agree that ski helmet with optional Buff/gaiter is the way to go, and pogies are also in my plans already, definitely felt that dexterity loss with thick gloves.

Now there’s just the “danger” that my wife will want her own winter ride! (Which would actually be great but 💸💸💸)

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