and of course I'm in love with it! But now that I actually have one for myself and not just a demo/rental, I've got some questions:

  • Imagine my shock when to my hand the tire felt about as firm as my 30psi skinnies then I threw on the pump and found it was only 10psi!! I know running 5psi or even lower can be common in winter and you adjust it a lot depending on snow conditions, but what is a typical pressure for summer hardpack dirt/pavement?
  • My tires are custom studdable, which I'll do at some point, but is there any downside to running studs when it's just snow and no ice? What about dirt? I can figure at least on pavement it probably causes excess wear to studs and pavement both, but not sure about the other surfaces.
  • Any tips on tubeless? Is there any recommended sealant that does well/better in low temps? Here in MN I'd say single digits on both sides of 0 °F is common, with the absolute coldest of days in the negative teens.
  • Anything else to recommend?

Looking forward to hitting that snow when it comes in a few months!

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