@HankG and @ryanjohnson,

I wanted to add a couple of thoughts around the bike rack conversation:

The designers noted that they put in two points at which to attach a bike rack to the seat post area. On smaller models of the DRT 4.1, there are two SS braze-ons located on the frame of the bike, below the seat but not on the seat post, there are also two points located on the seat post clamp, which work better for installing a rack on larger frame bikes. Ryan, with a medium frame you'll likely have to make that determination yourself as to which one will work better with your rack.

Speaking of your rack, given that's its steel you may have to work a bit to get it installed around your tire. You should be able to hold it up and get a good gauge if it will fit just by eyeballing it. It may take some encouragement, which you might want to have a bike shop do for you, depending on how comfortable you are performing such things.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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