Hi John and Ryan

im dropping my adv 1.1 for its free tune up tomorrow and hoped to pick up the DRT 4.1 but it hasn’t gotten to my paramus nj rei yet.  I ordered the 4.1  the first day it came up for sale so I am a little surprised but honestly the anticipation and looking forward are so much fun I don’t mind prolonging the wait a little!

thanks, John, for the rack info, I’ll research those.  My wife hasn’t been on a bike in years and would like to bring her cruiser to Acadia To ride the carriage trails  in October and I’d bring the 4.1 So we’ll need a rack. 

Ryan thanks, I’ll research those rear racks.  Not sure if I’ll put a rack on the 4.1 or not.  So far I’ve never ridden any fat tire bike, I ordered the 4.1 on a lark ‘cause it looks like it’d be so much fun.  I may just use it on snow and muddy bumpy rail trails with a camelback to start.  

thanks guys!  And I hope you’re getting your cockpit dialed in


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