Yeah, I have Ortlieb panniers and a back rack (pdw). It's this one, and frankly, it's heavy.

pdw bike rack made of wood and metalI'm in a mode where I'm not super eager to buy a load of new stuff (largely for environmental reasons...ironic, I know, since I just bought the bike, but also because I don't relish turning over my whole kit ever few years). But I'm not sure my old gear will even work on this bike. Frankly, I haven't had a chance to get the bike out yet, nor test any of my existing gear on it. I hope to do so later this week or over the weekend.

I suspect that rack ☝️ won't fit over the tire, but it is adjustable to some extent, so we'll see. It's only ever seen a lugged steel 90s Bianchi until now!

Thank you for checking in.