@tannersnacks Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry to hear about your fall. Hopefully we can get you some good info to help you find a solution. The rims that you have on your Co-op cycles ADV 2.2 are 40mm wide, which is on the wider end of the spectrum for 700c tires. As such, most of the options we have available on REI.com for that rim width are gravel specific tires, similar to the ones you have. You're on the right track for setting up another wheel set for city riding, as that will allow you to potentially reduce the width of your rims and use a tire like the Continental Grand Prix 4 Season tire that offers better wet weather performance.

Your best bet is to take your bike into your local REI store and speak with the tech there about what options you have and what will work best with your bike. They will also be able to see many more options available to order to get the best fit for your needs.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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