Hi!  I bought a pair of the FiveTen Hellcat Mountain bike shoes from REI.  I need to buy the cleats for it as they did not come with the shoes and also want to buy the pedals for these shoes.  I will be buying from REI. Can you recommend which cleats and which pedals would be best for this?  




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Generally speaking, mountain bike cleats are referred to as 2-hole cleats. Any 2-hole cleat should be compatible with your new shoes. If you're new to clipless riding, we recommend going with a set of cleats like the Shimano SH56 Multi Directional Release SPD Cleats and an SPD compatible pedal such as one of these. If you have experience riding with clipless pedals, you may want to consider a Crankbrothers pedal and set of cleats. You can also find some good information in this Expert Advice article, How to Choose Bike Pedals.

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Go for shimano an entry level will do if you are not a weight winney.