@Deputyx3 Good Saturday morning.  Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you.  Garmin still owes me a call.  Unfortunately, maybe you have noticed, they have been down hard for days now.  I cannot even get updated tracking stats on my Garmin watch!

So let's try something different.  A couple things.  First do you have the Garmin Edge 130 or the Garmin Edge 130 + ?

Also I have found a site that has such amazing detail on Garmin products.  This is the Varia in depth review.  One of the things I did not realize, since I do not own a radar, is that there is a setup on the Edge and a setup on the Varia separately.  The setup on the Varia (done through your edge) shows twice because of the light and the radar both being on the "Light" network.   So please take a look at this.  It is extremely detailed and well written.  If you have already seen this and have executed it once, it may be worth a reset, pairing and setting up both the Edge and Varia then trying again.  If the Tone does not work yet, it may be time to return the Edge.  By the way the reset is not supposed to delete your data. They also have the same type of reviews on the Edge 130 and the newer Edge 130+.

Meanwhile, when Garmin support comes back, hopefully I will get more information.

Thanks and have a great weekend!




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