Hi Everyone,

Just got my bike from REI a bit less than two weeks ago and I'm encountering this strange creaking-like noise (probably not specific to the model as stated in the title) when I'm pedaling just a bit hard.

This happens when I'm on the larger front chain ring and in the 3 smallest rear cogs. (Oddly, it doesn't happen in any other gearing combinations). Also, this is not reproducible without load (i.e., if we're trying to replicate this on a bike repair stand... it won't happen). It would surely happen if someone were to sit in the bike and ride it around on those gear combinations.

Any thoughts?

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@tonezandi Thanks for reaching out!

This is a really interesting one! Your best bet would be to take it in to your local bike shop and have a tech take it for a ride and see if they can pinpoint the source of the sound. Are you noticing anything else that is different about the bike when you're pedaling in those gears? Does it occur at a particular part of the pedal stroke? Has it always made that sound or did it just start?


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I'll give it another go over the weekend and try to be a little more observant. From my last ride (if memory serves me correctly), it is during the downwards pedal stroke of my right foot (not so much the left). Unfortunately, the bike has always made this sound and I'm not trying to push it too hard in fear of breaking something.

I'll also try to see if I can take it to a local shop. Thanks!