Hi REI friends,

My name is Irene, and I am a Co-op member and new bikepacker who is looking for some bike bags.

I own a Trek Crockett bike that has so far brought me to many places! Unfortunately, my bike is not designed to have a rear rack attached, so I may not be able to use panniers to carry my clothes and camping gear during my adventures. I have been using a backpack and a frame bag, but I would prefer to purchase some more bike bags to make the most of my trips, particularly, a saddle (seat) pack/bag and a handlebar pack/bag. I am looking for waterproof bags that can carry a lot of weight but sill fit my small bike (frame 50 cm), and that are not prohibitively expensive. The Link Seat Pack from the Coop looks like a good choice (11 liters is what I am looking for!), do you have any thoughts on that? How does it compare with the more expensive Ortlieb or Revelate Designs bags? I would love to listen to your advice!

Thanks a ton, I really appreciate your help! Happy biking!