Need a 2" trailer hitch swing arm bike rack for 4 bikes - do they handle weight well?  Ebikes are heavy so I want to make sure they actually handle 150lbs.
Also is Thule better than Yakima?  


@hawkespackard thanks for reaching out about a car rack that can handle the weight of an ebike! A few thoughts:

  1. Yakima and Thule are both excellent brands and have been vendors that we've carried at REI for many years. In addition, we also carry great bike racks from other vendors like Kuat and Saris.
  2. Knowing the weight of your ebikes will be critical in your rack decision, because every rack we carry will be explicit about how much each bike can weigh. For example, each bike can weigh no more than 35lbs for the Thule Apex XT Swing 4 and 40lbs for the Yakima FullSwing 4. It is important that you follow the weight limit per bike, and not the overall weight of 4 bikes together, as each arm needs to be able to handle the weight of each bike.
  3. If your ebikes are step-thru models, you will likely need to consider a tray-style rack instead because ebikes are typically too heavy for the top-tube adapters. For example, the Saris MTR 2 can accommodate bikes up to 60lbs and can accept an add-on tray for 2 additional bikes up to 35lbs each.

We hope this helps get you started! Let us know if you have additional questions.

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