Who doesn’t love the advent of the assisted braking devices. There are many on the market to choose from. As a PCGI guide in Jtree, Ca. my go to device is the grigri. The only down side to it that I have found is that it is designed for right handed people like myself. My wife is left handed & finds it awkward to use. Have you “lefty’s” out there found a good one that you like? I am considering the BD Pilot as an option. Tell me what you think. 



Great question! I'm not a lefty, but for ambidextrous operation and all the function of 'guide'-style devices, the Edelrid MegaJul and Mammut Smart Alpine really can't be beat.

I like the MegaJul because of its small size and low weight. It's my daily driver. If you're climbing on ropes smaller than 9mm, look at the MicroJul.

The Smart Alpine is a bit less finnicky to use, but is a bit bigger/bulkier.

Happy climbing!

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