What a great question @hikermor! Old technical gear is so much fun. 

My oldest piece is a Dolt piton that was given to me at a campfire in Bishop a few years ago. The man who gave it to me said he climbed with Dolt in the Valley decades ago — not sure if that was a campfire story or the real deal, but the piton from the late 60s is legit!

I also have a Chouinard carabiner that I still use, most likely from the mid-70s. Someone had left it with a cam and nut to bail mid-route in Chattanooga a few years ago. Finding it (with no other climbers around) was a fun win. I would have chosen to leave a lot of other gear on the wall besides a neat old piece like that, but to each their own I suppose!

@bryndsharp @Philreedshikes @mwalkerbcc @AlpineNinja @EsotericSpiral - do y'all have any pieces of neat old gear?

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